About Art Tutoring Age 5-12 

I'm Ali Hansen, a fashion illustrator in the UK. As well as working on various freelance projects I also offer art tutoring for primary school aged children 5-12 years old. I believe that art can improve confidence and self esteem for children and promote a sense of achievement and well-being. It is also a very relaxing activity for children and can help with stress and anxiety. I teach from my home studio and supply all of the art equipment. Sessions last for one or two hours and cost £25 or £50. Most lessons take place after school or on Saturday mornings. I am located in the Midlands so can offer art tutoring for the Leamington Spa and Warwick area.


There are many things you can teach children about art. My lessons include exploration of the various art media and papers, the colour wheel, important art movements from history, iconic artists from the past, as well as the different types of art. We explore realism, abstract art, landscapes, portraits, figurative drawing and still life as well as drawing from the imagination. Children also love to learn about art movements such as Pop Art or Surrealism. I supply hand outs and ideas for homework and lots of opportunities for learning new and exciting things.


The areas we can explore in art are endless, however in schools, because of class sizes, there is often not the time to really focus in on the subject matter like you can with one to one art tutoring. Children at this age are like sponges and will soak up information taught to them about culture, art history and the many techniques of art. My lessons are fun, relaxing and enrich children with the beauty of art in the world around us. They come out of each lesson having really learnt something concrete about art, and gain a real sense of accomplishment which is so good for their self-confidence.


I am fully back-ground checked and hold an enhanced DBS check from November 2021.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about art tutoring for your children please email me at alihansentutorforart@gmail.com

Have a look at examples of my students work in the Art Gallery here.

Ali Hansen has been a member of the Association of Illustrators since 2010.

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