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Why Bespoke Portraits Make Great Gifts

bespoke portrait of couple in watercolour
Couple on holiday in watercolour

What is a Bespoke Portrait?

It often seems like it becomes harder and harder as the years go by to buy a loved one the perfect gift. Unless you know exactly what somebody wants, you may be adding unwanted clutter to their home. A bespoke portrait can make a wonderful gift that's personalised and makes a great keepsake.

This style of portrait is usually done in watercolours, and offered in A5 to A3 size. Bespoke fashion portraits are often created by fashion illustrators and are full length figure drawings capturing the subject's personal style, as opposed to more traditional head and shoulder portraits.

bespoke portrait for mothers day
Bespoke portrait of mother and daughter

What kind of gifts can bespoke portraits be used for?

From family portraits for Mother's Day to a fun Prom Night fashion portrait, personalised illustrations can make unique gifts for a wide range of occasions. Wedding portraits can be a more stylish way to capture the special day rather than traditional photographs.

Bespoke portraits of the happy couple, the wedding venue, the wedding car, the wedding dress or cake, can make wonderful keepsakes and help to create cherished memories. Graduation portraits are popular, as are 'mom to be' portraits and engagement portraits. Lockdown has turned us into a nation of dog lovers and pet and owner portraits are also very popular.

bespoke portrait of guy in watercolour
Watercolour portrait of college student

Are Bespoke Portraits expensive?

Not really. They are quite affordable and easy to organize. I offer full length and 3/4 length fashion portraits. I use pen and ink for the outlines and watercolour for the main parts of the illustration. The portrait is finished up digitally in Photoshop. This means that you can order whatever size portrait you want, from A5 to A2.

Each portrait is Giclee printed on high quality watercolour paper with non-fade pigment inks. You can also order as many portraits as you want as they are high quality prints that look like actual watercolour art. The portraits come with or without writing on them. Some people like to have a special message written on them or a meaningful date. Instagram is the perfect place to find a great reference photo of your loved one to use. Or perhaps you have some wonderful holiday photos that you would like captured in watercolour. You can also purchase a gift card from me for your loved ones if you are not sure what photo to use.

All photos just need to be of high quality (not blurry) and high resolution and full body length or at least to the knee. Arms and hands should be included from the original photo and not chopped off. Only outfits from the original photos can be used. It's also not advisable to merge more than one photo, so make sure you capture everyone you want to be drawn in one existing photograph. The bespoke portrait can include the photo background or be done without the background. Check out the gallery of bespoke portraits from my website here.

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